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Provides instant access to accurate, authoritative, reliable drug information
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MedCLIK is India’s first and #1 solution developed exclusively for Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies.Provides user friendly instant access to accurate, authoritative, updated, reliable drug information.
- search drug content by Generic or Brand names, or by Index, Drug Groups and Diseases, Manufacturers, Prices etc.
- Pharmacology - Drug-to-Drug Interactions, Dosages, Contraindications, Adverse Reactions, Mechanism of Action, and more
- Database includes regularly updated information of over 20,000 drugs across 114 therapeutic classes
- Helps the doctor know the drugs the patient is on , when a new patient comes who is already on medication
- Provides you with the critical information you need, when you need it
- Updated information on Latest Brands introduced in Indian market including Drug Formulations
- Offers simplicity with an intuitive, menu-driven interface.
- Drug Contents updated on a Bimonthly basis
- Provides immediate access to critical Drug Reference information on your Desktop or Laptop Computers.
- Compliance with latest M.C.I regulations
- Ensures ease of use for busy physicians and healthcare professionals
- Reduces risk of drug-drug interactions and other related medical errors
- Reduced likeliness of Adverse Patient Occurrences (A.P.Os)

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